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About us

About the company

   The company of Atech Bohemia a.s. was founded in 2000, however, its history begins as early as in 1992. The highly qualified team of people with rich experience in the field of automatic doors, aluminium constructions and gate systems of all kinds enables us to provide our customers with high quality services and a spotless attitude. Our goal is to provide the high quality of our products and of the work. We cooperate with a Swiss company called AG für Türautomation. The history of the production of automatic doors in this company goes back to 1952. The company still specialises only in the production of automatic doors and their furniture and fittings. Thanks to the technical standards of its products, the quality of the production and the user’s comfort, and the number of doors produced (approximately 16 thousand pieces a year) this company belongs to the European market leaders.

   As we combine imported high quality parts from abroad with locally produced materials, our company has managed to significantly reduce the production costs and thus we are able to make products that meet the high quality and reliability standards for a very reasonable price. With nearly 4.5 thousand pieces of doors, carousels (turrets) and automatic door activators that have been produced by our company since 1992 we are one of the market leaders in the Czech Republic. The difference between us and standard companies at the market is that we pay the same attention to the simplest orders as we do to the most prestigious contracts with the highly technically demanding solutions.

   This Czech company without any foreign capital has its seat in Hradec Králové, where also the production of the automatic doors and aluminium constructions is located. Our sales representatives provide our customers and other people who are interested in our products with all possible advisory service, handle offers and provide consultations related to particular offers; they also negotiate the business conditions, etc. For especially complicated cases there are qualified specialised technicians who consult and solve these cases. Our sales representatives are spread and provide services throughout the whole Bohemia and throughout individual regions so that, in especially serious cases, our employee is able to operatively arrive at the given place. 

We believe that the experience with our services and products will be for you a proof of the professionalism of our company and our employees.

We are looking forward to our cooperation with you.

Yours, Atech Bohemia, a.s.