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Fireproof aluminum constructions

Fire-stopping constructions

ATECH Bohemia produces fire-stopping aluminium closings of building apertures. Fire-stopping glass/full aluminium constructions (facades, walls, shopping windows, and doors) ensure the flame resistance of the whole space for given time. They meet the fire safety standards and the legal regulations.
Along with the production and mounting of the fire-stopping automatic doors, shopping windows, walls, doors and windows we provide qualified advisory services.
Fire-stopping constructions are made from SAPA RC aluminium segments. The aluminium segments SAPA RC are certified with fire resistibility up to EW 120 and up to EI 120. The fire-stopping construction can be glazed with fireproof glass or with fireproof panels.

Frame fire-stopping constructions

Frame fireproof constructions are used for windows, doors, boundary walls, and their combinations. The SAPA RC system includes segments with interrupted thermal bridge for exterior fireproof constructions as well as non-insulated profiles for interior fire-stopping constructions.
Measures and the division of the walls and doors are given by the fire classification certificate. Fireproof windows can only be immovable. Fireproof doors can be single-leaf or double-leaf, furnished with a door closer and they can be smoke-proof as well. The doors can be also equipped with panic bars or automatic operation systems linked to EPS (electronic fire-fighting system).
The whole production system follows the legal regulations and is certified according to the legislation of the Czech Republic.