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Industrial doors and gates

Industrial sectional doors

They are the ideal solution of the entrance into industrial premises (industrial production sites, halls, warehouses, carwashes, garages, etc.) As their wings have perfect insulating properties and circumferential sealing, they form noise and thermal barrier. They do not need any manipulation space in front of and behind the gate opening. The doors are fixed behind the gate opening and thus they do not reduce the inside dimension. They significantly minimise the risk of damaging the door and the vehicle when passing through. Thanks to the control unit, the doors can work on a fully automatic basis.

Door leaf

Double steel segments filled with freon-free polyurethane foam with the width of 40mm in stucco design, heat penetration coefficient k=0.49 W/m2.K and the sound attenuation of 24dB, with inter-segmental protection against the finger-jamming, interior-side coating – powder coating tint RAL 9002 – grey-white, from exterior side acrylic coating tint RAL 9010/ RAL 9002/ RAL 9006, RAL 3000, RAL 5010, RAL 6009, RAL 7016, RAL 8014, plastic handlers including cylinder cock.

Door hardware

Vertical and horizontal guiding profiles made from hot-dip galvanized steel, for standard lintel (450mm), lowered lintel (350mm), low lintel (200mm), surmounted and vertical.

Safety elements

The doors bear the CE mark, the mark of quality and safety according to the European safety regulations EN 13604 and EN 12453, spring break safeguard (for hand-operated doors and for doors with an engine with a switch fuse), push-button control, protection against the steel-wire rope loosening, thermal fuse of the drive unit, control electronic devices with the emergency STOP button according to EN 12453 and EN 418 all with electronic controls, water-tightness class 3, wind-resistance class 3, air permeability class 3.

Additional charge equipment and services

The door can be complemented by an integrated door for passage through, rectangular/oval windows, inserted aluminium segment with insulating glazing, individual tint of coating according to RAL, motor drive with a standard control unit Totmann, enabling the functions of fully automatic control, remote control and semaphore control, with all possible activating components (remote controls, cord/ key/button operated switches, radars, etc.), emergency control for the case of blackout.